About the company

Having given up on the traditional approach, the studio turns learning and mastering new cooking skills into an exciting event, festivities, and an opportunity to have a great time, find new interesting and taste delicious dishes. There are no limitations in terms of both target audiences and number of guests: at CulinaryOn you can take part in an open master-class for all-comers, arrange small family celebration (e.g. a child’s birthday party) or a corporate event for 200 guests.

CulinaryOn Moscow center has a large space of 850 m2 on the second floor at Novinsky Passage. Besides four rooms for cookery events, there is also a conference room for business events where you can hold a business meeting with a creative touch.

At present CulinaryOn staff numbers 60 employees and about 100 guest stars – the school works with well-known chefs, artists and bloggers, TV and radio presenters.

Master-classes are subdivided into two main groups: national cuisines and theme parties that can be dedicated to healthy food and nutrition, for instance, to meat or fish and seafood dishes only. There are courses for beginners, classes for experienced culinary enthusiasts or a school for little ones. Number of guests varies from 10 to 200.

CulinaryOn receives 2,100 people and hosts about 100 master-classes on average each month. The number comprises both special events (different celebrations and parties, corporate events) and regular master-classes of the studio. Ticket price for an evening master-class starts from 3,900 rub for adults. The price includes cost of ingredients and soft drinks, iPad step-by-step recipes, work of a chef and a professional photographer.

CulinaryOn also arranges culinary tours to Italy, Spain and France. Average price is about 2,500 euro and comprises accommodation and meals, transfer, various trips, food and wine tastings as well as translation service.

The school has an online store where you can buy professional kitchen-ware and devices as well as gift certificates for CulinaryOn services.

CulinaryOn is the clear industry leader with a market share of 60% on the Russian market. In 2014 the company’s turnover grew 70% to 159,5 mln rubles compared to 2013. In the first quarter of 2015 the revenue reached 45 mln rubles which is 29% more compared to the first quarter of 2014. From January to March the center received over 7,000 guests with average bill of 6,429 rubles per person.

In September 2015 the company opens its studio in Singapore while opening of London studio is planned for the beginning of 2016. The company’s long-term development strategy aims to further expansion by opening new studios in different cities of the UK, Houston as well as creation of the first international network of culinary studios. 


Full company name Kulinarium Llc
Legal address 4-10 Sadovo-Triumfalnaya st., 127006, Moscow, Russia
Actual address 2d floor, 31 Novinsky blvd,123242, Moscow, Russia
Phone number 7 (495) 215 20 52
Director general Sadovina Vera Pavlovna
Acting on the basis of the Articles of association
INN/KPP 7710919384/771001001 National classification codes
Reg.No - 1127746657829,
OKPO - 11450108,
FSS - 7721056462,
PFR - 087-101-121038,
OKVED - 55.30, 51.47.2, 55.40, 55.52, 74.1,
OKOPF - 65, OKFS - 23,
OKPO - 11450108,
OKTMO -45382000 Full bank name PAO "Promsvyazbank"
Bank ID code 44525555
Correspondent account
RUB 30101810400000000555
RUB account 40702810300000008213