Corporate Team Building in Moscow

Culinary team building in CULINARYON! Tasty and fun atmosphere!

CULINARYON is the best place for team bonding events for up to 200 people. We provide a perfect venue to cook along with our talented chefs and enjoy the evening with a glass of wine in one hand and kitchen tools in the other.

Active cooking games will challenge your team to explore their full creative ability and bring positive emotions as you share a memorable culinary experience. Just imagine your colleagues in aprons having a culinary competition of rolling the longest pasta or inventing the most creative design for a dessert. Add fun and taste to your teambuilding in our international culinary institute!

In our 4 rooms and a conference hall you will find everything you might ever need for the best event, including audio and video equipment. 

We also offer a wide range of tasty options for your business event: appetizers to welcome the guests, professional photographer for beautiful memorable photos, aprons with your logo and presents, show programs and a disco with a professional DJ.

The engaging atmosphere and bright emotions will make your team building a huge success. 

Visit us for the cooking experience and great memories.

How does culinary class run? What is included in the price of cooking corporate party?

The price for 1 person includes

3 or 4 dishes cooking class 
Chef and the team work
Products for cooking
Soft drinks
Musical accompaniment
Photo recipes in Ipad
Quizzes and contests

Additional options

Rent a conference room with a projector         
Welcome reception
Professional photographer
Alcoholic drinks
Branded gifts for guests

and much more...

Scenarios of teambuilding

Master Chef this excellent idea of team bonding combines professional facilities and a hands-on cooking event to reveal the real formula for your team’s success. You select in a small groups from your larger team to compete Master Chef challenge in a timed event.
Power Pasta Power Pasta everyone loves pasta! And everyone will love our culinary team building experience of cooking the longest pasta. Your company will have a competition and create pasta from scratch. Cook some beautiful salads and for the end- delicious sweets with a glass of nice wine. It is unforgettable team building activity!
Active Adventure take your corporate team on an culinary adventure into the flavors of Italy, Spain, France or another country while exploring the culture and history of their peoples, interesting facts about ingredients, recipes and techniques. Bring ancient philosophy into everyday action as we use the alchemy of the kitchen to transform your team into gold.