Kids birthday party

Cooking studio is a lovely place for kids birthday celebration in playful atmosphere of fun.

CULINARYON culinary school will do a special event to suit your child’s personal taste. Child can choose his favorite theme for design his own aprons, for decoration our studio with exciting show, for his unique birthday cake or for other surprises.

Kids love cooking and eating their own creations whilst being a chef for the day on our culinary classes.

Children can spend a lot of hours in the kitchen. Under the supervision of our talented chef kids learn cooking secrets of kneading the dough, making the pizza with different toppings to their choice or cooking the most delicious desert with a lot of chocolate.

CULINARY Birthday party 

After such tasty cooking activities children will have bright emotions, a lot of fun and spend delicious time with their friends.. 

Kids cookery party experience really is great fun for all ages and will make this a memorable event for your Child’s extra special day!

How do we organize the kid's party? How much is the event?

You can find answers to these and other questions here!

The price for 1 person includes

Culinary master-class with 3 dishes

Chef and team

Soft drinks

Tea and coffee

Background music

Photo-recipes in Ipad

Competitions and quizzes

Tasty extras

Decoration with balloons
Antipasti buffet
Kids' cocktails
Drinks for adults
Chocolate fountain
Professional photographer
Fun shows
Kids' aprons 

and much more

All the kids are involved in culinary experiments!
Pick your kid's favourites from children's menu
Master-classes suit all ages from 4 to 16!
Order a sweet and beautiful cake for your Bday boy or girl!
Cooking birthday party with our chefs is FUN and super-easy.
Add an exciting show to a culinary class.